Serie de articulos sobre la remunicipalización de los servicios de suministro de agua

14 junio, 2019 - Servicios Públicos

Listen to the introductory podcast by David McDonald and Miriam Planas

The new water wars: Struggles for remunicipalisation
David A. McDonald and Erik Swyngedouw
Water Alternatives 12(3): 322-333                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Will the Empire strike back? Powerbrokers and remunicipalisation in the water sector
David A. McDonald
Water Alternatives 12(3): 348-359                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Legal barriers to remunicipalisation? Trade agreements and investor–state investment protection in water services
Britta Kynast
Water Alternatives 12(3): 334-347                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Water justice will not be televised: Moral advocacy and the struggle for transformative remunicipalisation in Jakarta 
Emanuele Lobina, Vera Weghmann and Marwa Marwa
Water Alternatives 12(3): 414-437                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

The deadlock of metropolitan remunicipalisation of water services management in Barcelona
Hug March, Mar Grau-Satorras, David Saurí and Erik Swyngedouw
Water Alternatives 12(3): 360-379                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Which way will the winds blow? Post-privatisation water struggles in Sofia, Bulgaria
Georgi Medarov and David A. McDonald
Water Alternatives 12(3): 438-458                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

The struggle for public water in Marseille, France
Susan Spronk and Emily Sing
Water Alternatives 12(3): 380-393                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Power asymmetries and limits to eminent domain: The case of Missoula water’s municipalisation
Cory Mann and Mildred Warner
Water Alternatives 12(3): 394-413                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

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